Masterbuilders Trust was founded as a kingdom building enterprise looking to support churches or organisations primarily through teaching, training and equipping them for their task. We are devoted and dedicated to the Kingdom of God and its extension upon the face of the earth.

Masterbuilders Trust owes a great debt to the late Dr. Bob Gordon. As a man who loved God and lived out a life of faith he had a profound effect upon us and in the 1990’s, long before it became a popular theme, he introduced us to “Spirit and Word”. In this Bob’s was a prophetic voice calling people back to God and forward in faith. He powerfully challenged believers to walk in a proper balance of Spirit and Word in the Christian life. As an author, pastor, teacher, mentor and friend he spoke and wrote with a clarion call to leave everything and follow Jesus.

In honouring him we are delighted to host much of his teachings in various forms on this site.The need for men and women who are steeped in the Word of God and alive in the Spirit is great in this day - we believe much of this material to be timeless and worthy of prayerful study and faith filled application. 

As Bob would say, “The Lord bless you real good!"

Masterbuilders is a non-denominational UK based charity, (registration number 1098464)